Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me – Mt 25:40

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FRC advocates for the profession of spiritual care givers. We educate, credential and ordain chaplains. FRC cultivates the ministry of chaplaincy through transforming spiritual care locally, nationally and globally by advancing compassionate care to persons of every age, culture and station of life. Our Chaplains have met the personal training, pastoral and professional requirements to provide pastoral services and/or personal ministry in non-congregational specialized settings.

They demonstrate compliance with standards for professional competence. FRC chaplains require Board approval for professional care of people and various situations. We are a Christian Chaplain Organization that provides for the well being, spiritual and physical needs of our community members.

We deliver leadership and comfort to Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Emergency Management and all Public Service Agency professionals. Issue oriented training, special ministry and/or critical incident stress management (CISM) is administered upon request. We endeavor to meet needs of individuals and groups wherever we find them in whatever capacity.

We provide services that are within the confines of our advanced training and ability. FRC credentialed and ordained members are chaplains in support of First Responders reacting to emergency critical incident and traumatic events. These events include natural disasters, fires, serious vehicle accidents, plane crashes or terror related incidents.

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